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PreSet® & PreSet Plus®

OEM Hub Assemblies for Heavy Duty Trucks

The most advanced wheel ends on the market, including industry standard PreSet and PreSet Plus heavy duty pre-adjusted hub assemblies. For more than 20 years PreSet hubs have been the go-to wheel end for commercial vehicles in North America.

OEM Hub Assemblies Featuring Pre-Adjusted and PreSet Hubs

We’ve built on the success of our PreSet hubs by developing PreSet Plus® with standard features like a fully integrated spindle nut design, an optimized wheel spacer, magnetic fill plug, and ConMet seal and bearings.


Integrated Spindle Nut

The PreSet Plus integrated spindle nut makes hub installation faster and easier, and aids the removal of the complete assembly for servicing. It has improved safety features, and requires no adjustment to engage the locking device.

The spindle nut also retains the clamp load on the bearings, which in turn holds the hub components in place. Once the locking ring is in engaged, it cannot loosen. PreSet Plus Spindle Nuts offer an improvement over conventional nuts in both safety and ease of maintenance. Learn more about our spindle nuts.

Available ConMet Bearings

PreSet Plus hub assemblies include a newly designed bearing spacer that optimizes clamp load and maximizes performance and durability.

Also included are ConMet bearings which are engineered to extend service life and help prevent field issues in the most demanding applications.


ConMet Wheel Seals

PreSet Plus hubs also feature ConMet Wheel Seals. We’ve developed our seals to withstand harsh road conditions knowing the vital role wheel seals play in the overall protection of the hub. If a seal fails, you can be sure that vehicle downtime and expensive repairs are not far behind.

PreSet and PreSet Plus hubs are available for steer, drive, and trailer axles in
both lightweight aluminum and lower cost ductile iron. They are also available
for both drum brake and air-disc brake configurations.


Drive Axle Hubs


Steer Axle Hubs


Trailer Axle Hubs

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