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Wheel End Literature: Our sales materials, service manuals, service cards, field service bulletins, technology bulletins and warranties for all of our hubs and wheel end products.

Brake Literature: Our brake literature includes service manuals, sales materials, technology bulletins and warranties for our full line of brake products.

Hub Component Literature: Here you can find sales materials for our exciting line of spindle nuts, premium bearings, and wheel seals available only from ConMet.

Installation Instructions: Download the installation instructions for the different ConMet products.

Bulletins: Here you can find the latest services and news bulletins published by ConMet.

Newsletter: Download past issues and subscribe to our ConMet Connection newsletter.

Warranties: All the warranty documents and information you need.

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Wheel End Literature
Sales Literature
ConMet Wheel End Products
PreSet Plus® Hub Assemblies Brochure
Aftermarket PreSet® Hub Brochure
Trailer Hub Assemblies Brochure
Hub and Rotor Assemblies Brochure
Hub Components Brochure
Seal & Spacer Kits Flyer
Aftermarket Rotors
Snap-In ABS Tone Ring Flyer
Aftermarket PreSet® Medium-Duty Hub Assemblies Flyer
Service Manual
Service Manual for All Hub Applications
Service Cards
Manual Wheel Bearing Adjustment Procedures TMC RP618
PreSet® Hub Install Procedures
PreSet Plus® Hub Install Procedures
ConMet Seal Install Procedures
Wheel Seal Leakage Identification
Service Posters
PreSet Plus® Trailer Hub Installation Poster
Manual Adjust Hub Warranty
PreSet® Hub Warranty
PreSet Plus® Hub Warranty
Brake Literature
Sales Literature
TruTurn® Brochure
Service Manuals
Brake Drums Service Manual
ConMet® Brake Drum and Rotor Warranty
Hub Component Literature
Sales Literature
Hub Components Brochure
Cross Reference Charts
ConMet® Bearing Cross Reference Chart
ConMet® Wheel Seal Cross Reference Chart
ConMet® PreSet Plus® Spindle Nuts
Installation Instructions
Rotor Kit 10020611
Rotor Kit 10020682
Rotor Kit 10030921
Rotor Kit 10041215
Rotor Kit 10041216
Rotor Kit 10041217
Rotor Kit 10041218
Rotor Kit 10082074
Rotor Kit 10082181
Rotor Kit 10082589
Rotor Kit 10083923
Rotor Kit 10083924
Rotor Kit 10085621
Rotor Kit 10086769
Rotor Kit 10086914
Rotor Kit 10086915
Rotor Kit 10087663
Rotor Kit 10087664
Rotor Kit 10119355
Rotor Kit 10119356
Rotor Kit 10086065
Field Service Bulletins
PreSet® Spindle Nut Installation Instructions
PreSet® / PreSet Plus® Hub Rebuild Kit Instructions
PreSet® / PreSet Plus® Seal and Spacer Kit Instructions
Torque Requirements for PreSet Plus® Hub Assemblies
Removing Frozen Hubs from the Spindle
Stamped ABS Ring Removal and Installation
Lubricant Compatibility Listing
Contamination in Hub Lubricant Due to Flooding
Loose Drive Axle Studs
Technology Bulletins
Wheel End Load Ratings for Hubs Used in Single Wheel Applications
Suggested Fill Volumes for Grade 00 Semi-Fluid Grease
Proper Service and Reinstallation of ConMet Brake Drums
TruTurn® Brake Drums – Cast Holes vs. Drilled
Stepped vs. Standard Pilot for Steer Brake Drums
Product Bulletins
TruTurn® Drums Replace Standard Cast Drums Beginning July 1, 2014
ConMet Hubcaps Discontinued
TruTurn® Update and CastLite® Obsoletion

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  • 2020
    Spring 2020 - Why ConMet PreSet® Technology?
    Summer 2020 - Why ConMet PreSet Plus® Spindle Nuts
    Spring 2019 - New from ConMet: Spindle Preparation Kits Beginning July 1, 2019
    Winter 2019 - Misconceptions About Hubs with Scallopped Flanges
    Summer 2019 - Proper Washing Methods for Wheel Ends
    Fall 2018 - Join A Webinar to See the Latest Features Added to the ConMet Aftermarket App
    Summer 2018 - Additional Benefits of Replacing Rather Than Rebuilding Hubs
    Spring 2018 - Preparation for Wheel Seal Installation
    Winter 2018 - ConMet Introduces New Online Training Platform
    Spring 2017 - Did You Know PreSet Aftermarket Hubs Are "PreSet Plus Ready?"
    Summer 2017 - Don’t Throw Out the PreSet Bearing Spacer!
    Fall 2017 - Use ConMet's App to Find Out if Hub Replacement is the Right Option for You
    Spring 2016 – Consequences of Not Using ConMet® Approved Bearings or Bearing Spacers in Your PreSet® and PreSet Plus® Hubs
    Summer 2016 – ConMet Introduces New Wheel End Replacement App
    Fall 2016 - The Benefits of Replacing Hub Assemblies Versus Rebuilding Them
    Winter 2015 – “Reset Your PreSet” with PreSet Hub Service Kits from ConMet
    Spring 2015 – Rebuild or Replace your Wheel Hub Assembly
    Fall 2015 – New Brake Drum Service Manual Available
    Spring 2014 – Specialty Tools Make Wheel End Service Safer and Easier
    Summer 2014 - ConMet UnVeils New & Improved Web Tools
    Fall 2014 - TruCast Brake Drum
    Winter 2013 – ConMet Introduces new ConMet Premium Bearings
    Summer 2013 – Wheel End Brake Shake Complaints
    Fall 2013 – Importance of Inspecting and Maintaining Your Wheel Ends
    Spring 2012 – ConMet Releases new “All Products” Service Manual for Wheel Hub Assemblies
    Summer 2012 - A Close Look, The PreSet Plus Spindle Nut System
    Fall 2012 – New ConMet Hub and Rotor Service Manual Now Available
    Winter 2011 – Access Technical Information on ConMet’s Web Site
    Spring 2011 - ConMet Introduces PreSet Plus, a Fully Integrated Wheel Hub Assembly
    Summer 2011 – ConMet Creates New Service Cards for Standard, PreSet and PreSet Plus Hub Assemblies
    Fall 2011 – Videos Demonstrate Ease of Installation and Removal of PreSet Plus Hub Assemblies
    Winter 2010 – Identifying Bearings for PreSet Hubs
    Spring 2010 – Inspection and Maintenance of Brake Drums
    Summer 2010 – Periodic Inspection for Trailer Hubs Lubricated With Semi-fluid Grease
    Fall 2010 – Proper Seal Installation Guidelines for Steer, Drive and Trailer Hubs
    Spring 2009 – Identification and Inspection Keys to Proper Preventative Maintenance
    Summer 2009 – Attention to Detail Key to 12 month/ 100,000 Mile Wheel Hub Inspection
    Fall 2009 – Servicing PreSet Hubs at 5 Years/500,000 miles
    Winter 2008 – Proper Lubrication Instructions for ConMet® PreSet® Rear Drive Hubs
    Spring 2008 – Proper Wheel and Drum Mounting for Hub Piloted Hub Assemblies
    Summer 2008 – New Hub Service Manual Now Available
    Fall 2008 – Identifying ConMet Hub Assemblies
    Winter 2007 – Installation Guidlines for PreSet Hubs
    Spring 2007 – Causes and Prevention of Wheel Seal Leaks
    Summer 2007 – Find the Hub Assembly Information You Need in ConMet’s Online Hub Catalog
    Fall 2007 – PreSet Hub and Rotor Assemblies for Air Disc Brakes – What’s New?
    Winter 2006 – Hubs with Pre-Adjusted Bearings
    Spring 2006 – Unitized Wheel Hubs
    Summer 2006 – Selecting wheel end components to keep fuel costs down
    Fall 2006 – Introducing An Interactive PreSet Hub Training CD from Consolidated Metco
    Winter 2005 – Wheel Hub Stud Standout
    Spring 2005 – Seal Leaks in Hub Assemblies
    Summer 2005 – Stud Failure in Hubs
    Fall 2005 – Hubs with Manually-Adjusted Bearings
    Summer 2004 – Inspection, Service and Reinstallation of Brake Drums
    Fall 2004 – Repair and Replacement of Bearings Cups and Cones
    Manual Adjust Hub Warranty
    PreSet® Hub Warranty
    PreSet Plus® Hub Warranty
    ConMet® Brake Drum and Rotor Warranty
    Aftermarket Wheel End Components Limited Warranty
    Return Policies
    Returned Goods Policy