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Enhanced Reliability

Our PreSet® and PreSet Plus® hubs help prevent premature wheel end failure and require less labor and downtime for installation than conventional hubs.

Durability by Design

Because we rigorously test our products using state-of-the-art test equipment, we can back our products with industry leading warranties of up to five years or 500,000 miles.

Availability is a Priority

Our stocking lists help distributors keep necessary products in stock. If products are out of stock, the required lead-time for delivery from our warehouse to theirs is only five working days. 

Replace and Save

Learn how you can save by replacing your wheel hubs with a PreSet Plus hub assembly instead of rebuilding them.

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All New Parts & Components

When you buy a PreSet hub assembly and PreSet Plus spindle nut, you get a new optimized bearing spacer, long-life bearings, an extended life wheel seal, and a five-year/500,000-mile limited warranty on the hub and all components.

Exploded view of all parts of a PreSet Plus Wheel Hub Assembly

All-in-One, Ready To Go

PreSet hubs are sold as a complete assembly with everything you need in one box. They’re factory adjusted, pre-assembled and ready to go, making them easy to stock, sell, and install.

PreSet Rendering with cutaway to see interior of the Wheel End

Reduced Service Complexity

Because PreSet hubs are self-piloting and pre-assembled, they help minimize the risk of installation errors and premature failure.

PreSet Plus Wheel End being installed on spindle of Semi Truck tractor

Save Time & Money

PreSet hub assemblies save hours of labor and downtime compared to rebuilding conventional hubs – lowering labor costs and getting vehicles back on the road sooner.

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Aftermarket Product Offering

ConMet’s industry-leading commercial wheel end products are available for all axle positions in iron or aluminum.

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PreSet Plus Hub Assemblies

Our patented PreSet® hub assembly offers benefits no other wheel hub can

Because they’re self-piloting, pre-adjusted and fully assembled, the risk of misalignment or improper installation is greatly reduced. Plus, installation takes a fraction of the time that rebuilding a wheel hub does, resulting in lower labor costs, less downtime, and significant cost savings.


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Support the Way You
Need It

Our ConMet App helps operators, technicians, and distributors get the most out of our products. Available on the ConMet website and for iOS or Android devices, this app will help you quickly find the necessary replacement hub or parts for a commercial vehicle.

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The ConMet app includes two helpful calculators. Use our Rebuild vs. Replace Calculator to see how much time and money you could save by replacing your hub with a PreSet hub instead of rebuilding it. Use our PreSet vs. Conventional Calculator to compare the cost of replacing your hub with a PreSet hub instead of a conventional hub. 

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