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Awards & Certificates

ConMet’s industry accolades, honors and achievements.


We are known throughout the truck and trailer industry for our expertise in developing lightweight, low maintenance solutions to enhance vehicle performance, improve fuel efficiency and increase payload capacity.

While ConMet is an ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 Certified Manufacturer, the company is also recognized as a quality supplier. Some of the recognitions received are:

Volvo 3P Purchasing Supplier Award
Navistar Diamond Supplier Award
Meritor Preferred Supplier
FMC Preferred Supplier
Freightliner Masters of Quality
Ford Q1 Preferred Supplier
PACCAR Preferred Supplier
Eaton Corporation Quality First
Daimler Benz VDA Approved
Nortel Quality Supplier
TWNA Technical Achievement Award (TruTurn Brake Drum)


Canton, NC IATF 16949

Clackamas, OR IATF 16949

Denton, TX IATF 16949

Etowah, TN IATF 16949

Monroe, NC IATF 16949

ConMet de Mexico, Monterrey, Metals IATF 16949

ConMet de Mexico, Monterrey, Plastics IATF 16949

ConMet Xin, China IATF 16949

HaoXin-ConMet, China IATF 16949

ISO Certification

Monroe, NC ISO 14001

Etowah, TN ISO 14001

Canton, NC ISO 14001 Certificate

HaoXin-ConMet, China ISO 14001

Vancouver, WA ISO 9001 Certificate