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eMobility Vision

ConMet eMobility is committed to providing transformative technologies for an era of alternative power. Together with the unmatched wheel end expertise and support of ConMet, ConMet eMobility is enabling the development of zero-emission commercial vehicles, helping fleets exceed Corporate Social Responsibility goals and comply with tough emissions regulations.

Product Portfolio

PreSet Plus® eHub

Energy from coasting and braking is repurposed to provide auxiliary power and propulsion assist in a lightweight package.

An in-wheel electric motor within the PreSet Plus hub assembly captures energy that would otherwise go wasted as heat from friction brakes. The electricity is stored in a high-capacity battery and then shared with other parts of the vehicle as needed. This improves overall vehicle fuel efficiency and aids in quiet approaches, all with little to no impact on the driver experience.

Introducing the Zero-Emission Reefer Trailer

The stored battery energy captured by the eHub powers an electric TRU to keep the trailer cool, and powers the eHub motors to propel the vehicle forward. Patent-pending controls balance regeneration, auxiliary power use, and propulsion to optimize energy harvesting and ensure the TRU is always keeping valuable cargo cool. This zero-emission trailer is ideal for urban routes with several stops, such as foodservice and grocery delivery, but customization and flexibility make the eHub practical for any reefer application.

A building block for commercial vehicle electrification

The current production design of the eHub is aligned with Class 7 and Class 8 vehicles, paving the way for applications far beyond the reefer. The eHub is capable of achieving zero-emissions for a host of vehicles from long-haul interstate transportation to intra-urban transit; from utility trucks to delivery vans.

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