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Digital Vision

As telematics technology continues to evolve, ConMet is poised to stay on the cutting edge of intelligence and data science in the commercial vehicle industry. ConMet’s digital vision is to provide a holistic view of unmatched, actionable intelligence that will allow fleets to make better, more precise decisions and drastically improve their operations.

Product Portfolio


The first connected health monitoring system integrated into a hub assembly.

Actionable insights on wheel end, tire, and brake performance that help fleets make more informed maintenance decisions to maximize uptime and improve safety.


Streamline asset utilization with detailed asset tracking and fully customizable geofencing toolkit. Easily locate an asset and establish custom alerts when assets reach a destination or leave a designated yard or distribution center.

  • Real-time GPS asset tracking
  • Accurate distance tracking (hub odometer)
  • Geofencing for precise departure and arrival alerts
  • Contained within ConMet Digital communication gateway hardware

SmartAir TPMS

Real-time, advanced tire pressure management system (TPMS) to help fleets make informed tire maintenance decisions to extend tire life and improve safety.

  • Monitor individual tire pressure
  • Faster pre-trip inspection tire pressure checks
  • Increase fuel efficiency by ensuring proper tire inflation
  • Over and under inflation alerts
  • Customer-set alert thresholds
  • Data analytics that compare PSI across dual sets and individual tire PSI over time
  • Pass-through or valve cap sensor options

SmartAir LPMS

Better maintain the health of all trailer air-supplied systems with in-line air pressure monitoring. Designed for checking air line pressure status quickly during pre-trip inspection and while on route. Includes actionable disconnection and low pressure alerts.

  • Faster pre-trip air line pressure inspection
  • Disconnected gladhands alert
  • Track line pressure over time to identify any air line build up
  • Reduced line pressure alerts when water or ice intrusions and debris obstructions partially block lines

SmartAir ALMS

Ensure proper weight distribution across axles with an air-suspension-based axle load monitoring system. Designed to inform fleet managers and drivers of weight distribution across axles while a vehicle is stationary, so that load adjustments can be made pre-trip to reduce fines and violations en route.

  • Dynamic axle load monitoring
  • Axle load calculated using air suspension line pressure
  • Alerts enable pre-trip load adjustments
  • Correct load to reduce fines and violations

Telematics Partners

Collaborating with major telematics platforms to streamline access to our data for more efficient fleet management and to further advance data algorithms for richer insights and alerts.

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