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Consolidated Metco Does it Again…with PreSet Plus™

Vancouver, WA – It was in 1995 when Consolidated Metco (ConMet) introduced the PreSet® hub assembly to the heavy duty truck industry in order to address the changing needs of truck OEM’s and fleets  Fast forward 16 years and ConMet is doing it again with PreSet Plus™, the next generation of wheel end technology.

ConMet builds on PreSet’s success of reducing wheel end maintenance by adding features that make PreSet Plus the most advanced hub assembly on the market and addresses the requirements of today’s heavy duty trucks and trailers. They include:

  • A new integrated spindle nut design simplifies installation, protects components during installation and removal, and aids in removal of the assembly during service.
  • The patent pending nut also increases clamp, improves safety, and eliminates adjustments required to engage a locking ring.
  • A new bearing spacer has been optimized for the PreSet Plus system to accommodate the higher clamp loads.

“We wanted to set the bar even higher when it comes to wheel hub technology,” explained Mark Wagner, VP of Wheel Ends for ConMet. “PreSet Plus provides OEM’s with a product that is even easier to install and makes it whole lot easier for technicians to service.”

“While PreSet took the difficult task of bearing adjustment out of the hands of the operator,” notes Wagner, “PreSet Plus goes a step further by providing a self-piloting assembly that only requires the integrated nut to be torqued and a retaining snap ring to be engaged.”

The PreSet Plus advantages go beyond those stated above:

  • All components are field serviceable
  • Bearings are pre-adjusted (no bearing adjustment is required)
  • Long life oil seal is standard
  • Magnetic fill plug is available for drive and trailer hubs for inspection of metal particles in lubricant
  • Simplified re-installation

PreSet Plus hub assemblies are available in aluminum for lightweight solutions and in iron for non-weight sensitive applications. There are designs for steer, drive and trailer axles as well as for disc and drum brakes.

Founded in 1964, Consolidated Metco (ConMet) is a major supplier of engineered components for the commercial truck industry. ConMet is a subsidiary of AMSTED Industries, one of the world’s largest transportation component manufacturers,
specializing in products that serve the rail, heavy-duty vehicle, automotive, construction/building, and general industrial markets. Amsted is also one of the largest 100 percent employee-owned companies in the United States. For additional information about ConMet or its line of products, call 800-547-9473 or visit