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Information and insight to what is going on in the industry and behind the doors of ConMet.

Connected Technology and Autonomous Trucking: Then, Now, and in the Future

VANCOUVER, WA | by Paul Washicko, VP & GM ConMet Digital Business Unit Fueled by an unrelenting need to increase safety and optimize efficiencies, connected technology is shaping the future of transportation and bringing the industry another step closer to autonomous trucking. In the commercial vehicle industry, professionals are always…

The Zero-Emission Trailer Solves Challenges of Electric TRU

VANCOUVER, WA | by Beto Dantas, ConMet’s Chief Technology & Innovation Officer The race to decrease emissions on transport refrigeration units (TRUs) is posing a major hurdle to commercial fleets. A zero-emission electric trailer is now available, to not only curb emissions but also reduce noise and brake wear. Across…

Overcoming Today’s Challenges in Telematics

VANCOUVER, WA | May 14th, 2021 – Isaac Otto, ConMet's digital product manager talks about shifting the focus of onboard telematics from raw data points to integrated systems that deliver actionable intelligence and improve fleet profitability. In recent years, onboard telematics has helped the commercial vehicle industry tackle a lot…

Air Disc Brakes Gain Safety and Maintenance Advantages

In recent years, many North American truck and trailer original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have recognized the benefits of air disc brakes (ADB) and have made them standard fit on several models. As Fleet Equipment outlines, disc brakes offer significant safety and performance advantages such as shortened stopping distances and limited…

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ConMet Joins the Electrification Revolution

Our industry is poised for a technological revolution. Most commercial vehicles today struggle to meet carbon emission regulations, have too many moving parts that need maintenance, and come with a high cost of ownership. These factors - along with breakthroughs in autonomous driving technology - are paving the way for…

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Leaders in Heavy Duty Wheel End Technology

Prior to 1995 most of the wheel end parts used in trucks and tractor-trailers were made out of iron. That all changed when we introduced our lighter and easier-to-install aluminum PreSet technology, which quickly made aluminum the OEM standard. Today, 75% of the wheel ends for the heavy duty market…

ConMet’s Plastics Group

Since the 1980’s, the ConMet Plastics group has steadily grown to become the leader of plastic product content within the class 6-7-8 North American commercial vehicle market. Currently, we develop and manufacture for all medium and heavy-duty truck OEM’s including DTNA, PACCAR, Volvo/Mack, and Navistar. (more…)

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