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Wheel Bearings

We have engineered our own tapered roller bearings to extend life and improve efficiency even in the most aggressive heavy truck applications. ConMet Bearings are superior to standard bearings because they are designed for optimized contact and reduced stress concentration, resulting in better rolling contact and less friction.


Bearing Life Improvement

As the severity of the duty cycle increases so does the performance and longevity of ConMet Bearings.

Surface Finish

The highly-controlled honed surface finish provides a 40% improvement over current industry standards. The surface finish improvements result in superior rolling contact and reduced friction leading to lower operating temperatures and increased lubrication.


Features of ConMet Wheel Bearings:

• Extended life over standard bearings
• Optimized contact and reduced stress concentration
• Improved rolling contact and reduced friction
• Lower operating temperature and improved lubrication
• More effectively withstands heavy cornering and misalignment

Manufacturing Process

Internal geometry is rigorously controlled by state-of-the-art equipment. Each bearing must pass a fully automated inspection before it leaves the factory. Tighter control over geometry and inspection procedures results in a smoother operating and more efficient bearing.



ConMet invested in engineering and testing to determine the best possible profile to increase the performance and life expectancy of wheel bearings, even in the most extreme conditions.

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