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PreSet® Aftermarket Hub Assemblies

The most advanced wheel ends on the market, featuring ConMet wheel seals and bearings. By replacing your wheel ends with genuine PreSet hubs, you get the following benefits:  Reduce downtime Reduce labor costs Reduce potential for errors during reassembly and installation Reduce liability Complete warranty on all components


Bearings and Spacer

PreSet hub assemblies include our own ConMet bearing spacer. It optimizes clamp load through its enhanced design, which maximizes performance and durability.

ConMet bearings are superior to standard bearings because they are
designed for optimized contact and reduced stress concentration.


Wheel Seals

PreSet hubs ship standard with ConMet wheel seals. We’ve developed our seals to withstand harsh road conditions, poor weather and frequent braking, knowing the vital role wheel seals play in the overall protection of the hub. Benefits include:

• Multi-zone labyrinth construction creates superior protection and low friction
• A wide inside diameter with rubber ribs ensures proper sealing
• Outside-diameter seal points provide a secure fit in the hub
• Thicker gauge steel protects against internal damage during installation

PreSet and PreSet Plus® hubs are available for steer, drive, and trailer axles in both lightweight aluminum and lower cost ductile iron. They are also available for both drum brake and air-disc brake configurations.