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Transformative Technologies for Alternative Power

Building on a 60-year legacy of innovative design, ConMet eMobility is dedicated to providing future-forward alternative power solutions.



Specialized testing tools to ensure unrivaled product quality


Years of experience engineering and manufacturing wheel ends


In-wheel electrification solutions for North American commercial vehicles

Electrifying Possibilities


Powered at the Wheel

Expertise in hub design enables us to integrate electric motors into the wheel ends with multiple options for propulsion and generation to reduce emissions and drive vehicle efficiency.

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Electrifying Possibilities Across the Vehicle

Our eMobility solutions generate and manage power for use by commercial vehicles across applications, helping customers reduce their emissions and reliance on diesel fuel.


Experience That Drives Sustainability Goals

We leverage our decades of commercial vehicle industry experience to design, manufacture, and deliver eMobility solutions that advance fleet sustainability goals and enable fully zero-emission vehicles.


Electrification Solutions

ConMet works with customers to develop premium, innovative solutions that drive the commercial vehicle industry toward the future.

eHub™ 80
80kW peak power generating motor

The eHub 80 in-wheel motor generates up to 80kW of power while on the road. The motors’ flexible design is capable of continuous power generation, regenerative braking, and even propulsion assist, depending on the application.

The eHub 80 motors can be powered to help propel a vehicle forward. The propulsion assist mode aids in overall vehicle fuel efficiency or EV range, and allows for quiet vehicle operation.

The eHub 80 motor is positioned behind the PreSet Plus® hub and TruTurn® brake drum. This design allows standard brake and wheel maintenance without touching the motor or electrical wiring.

The in-wheel electric motors are controlled by software that manages energy generation or can switch to propulsion assist. The flexibility make many different vehicle applications possible through design integration with OEMs and partners.

eHub™ 10
10kW peak power generator

With a 10kW peak power generator, the eHub 10 is optimized for most trailer applications.

The outboard-mounted motor of the eHub 10 provides flexibility – it can be used with a standard hubs, standard tires, and standard brake types, including air disc brakes.

The outboard-mounted eHub 10 motor and standard part compatibility accommodate a wide range of trailer lengths, from 28-foot to 53-foot trailers.

Energy management unit (EMU)

The energy management unit (EMU) includes the high-voltage and low-voltage batteries, battery thermal management, power converter, charger, and the vehicle control unit. The high-voltage battery helps ensure safe and reliable operation and performance over the trailer’s life.

The EMU is compatible with eHub 80 and eHub 10, an integrated vehicle control unit allows the EMU to define how the electrical wheel ends operate. With a single shore power plug, the EMU is capable of simultaneously charging the battery and powering the TRU. The EMU charging port uses 480V three-phase service to send power where it is needed.

Through years of engineering partnerships with most trailer manufacturers, the EMU can be specified as a factory option. This allows for simple, efficient, and streamlined integration.

To keep the system and in-wheel motors operating in extreme weather environments, the EMU has heating and cooling to maintain optimal performance in temperatures ranging from -4° F to 130° F (-20° C to 55° C).

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