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Scale and Credibility

Living by Our Values

Value Our People

We’re better together. We value and support our colleagues and their growth, and we celebrate success as a collective. We make work fun together.

Put Customers First

Everything we do centers around our customers. We’re humble but take time to ask, listen and learn customer goals, objectives and challenges and then we partner with them to create solutions.

Make it Better

We don’t believe in good enough. In everything we do and everything we make, we pride ourselves on finding and executing opportunities to improve.

Own Our Work

This is a culture of accountability. As masters of our craft, we’re thorough, thoughtful and always say what we mean and do what we say.

Do What’s Right

Integrity is intrinsic to our success. We’re honest, forthright and trustworthy, even when it’s hard. We always do what’s right.

Embrace Transformation

We don’t run from change, we embrace it and look for opportunities to innovate at every turn.

Social Responsibility

As a global organization, we recognize that our impact extends far beyond the walls of our business. We are committed to upholding social responsibility in all we do, contributing to a more equitable and sustainable world for all.

Diversity & Inclusion

At ConMet, differences are not simply acknowledged, but celebrated. We aim to gain a deeper understanding of our people, tapping into their knowledge and experiences to ignite creativity. We are committed to achieving workplace equity by intentionally creating an environment where every individual is not only respected but also valued, accepted, and feels a true sense of belonging.

Community Service

ConMet embraces a multifaceted approach to community service, encompassing diverse areas such as environmental improvement, youth programs, animal rescue, and aiding those with economic needs. Our holistic commitment to community service reflects our dedication to creating a positive and enduring impact on the communities in which we live and work.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

ConMet’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan serves as a supplementary retirement savings program for our employee-owners, helping to address wealth disparity in the US and boost local economies. It also fosters a unique culture of ownership, innovation, and long-term commitment among our employees, which not only benefits our business but makes our ESOP a catalyst for positive change.

The Employee Experience

At ConMet, we know that our most valuable resource is our people. We are committed to enhancing the lives of our employees by improving our workplaces and our communities across all our global locations.

We are proud to offer our employees:

“We see ourselves as translators, taking a highly complex technical concept and shifting the focus onto the value the technology brings to a customer.”

– Sarah Evans

Powered by her own vision and encouraged by ConMet executive leadership, Sarah put together a proposal why more coordinated product marketing was needed to effectively educate a wider customer base about ConMet’s new innovations. Now, as Product Marketing Manager, she ensures that when ConMet launches a new product or service, people know who ConMet is, what they stand for, and why to trust in the quality of deliverables.

Sarah and the marketing team are focused on developing launch plans, positioning products more thoroughly, expressing the value proposition of the products, and conveying how it will add to the overall value of their client’s product – increasing safety, profitability, and more sustainability.

“People sometimes ask me how I could stay at the same company for so many years and I always say that if they knew ConMet and Amsted, they’d know the answer to that question.

It all starts with the people. I have the best colleagues in the world, without exception. Add in exciting technology, challenging projects, plus an overall culture that is second to none and it doesn’t get any better than that!”

Jill feels very fortunate to have been afforded so many exciting and challenging opportunities and appreciates the strong mentors who have made such a difference in her career and her life. “The opportunities here are endless and I encourage my team to take advantage of all that ConMet and Amsted has to offer,” she explains.

Jill is also excited by the Amsted Foundation Matching Gift Program that matches employee donations to the charities of their choice saying, “community service is baked into our culture, making a difference in our lives beyond work.” She is proud to be part of an organization where there’s a passion for community support, a commitment to diversity & inclusion, and a mission around environmental and social responsibility.

“Coming out of startups, a big company can be daunting,” Marc explains.

“But the culture at ConMet is a large part of what sold me, as well as the employee ownership in the company. There’s a team environment, people support each other and people succeed. That level of caring about your work is harder to find at big companies.”

When presented with the opportunity to head up ConMet’s new eMobility business unit, Marc was ready for the challenge. He had spent the previous six years as COO and Executive Vice President for Marketing of a successful electric vehicle charging startup, which is now publicly traded thanks to Marc’s contributions to the company. His industry expertise and leadership experience made him a perfect fit for the job, and the stability and reputation of Amsted made for an attractive offer. But it was the intangibles that really excited Marc about joining ConMet. Though Marc describes ConMet eMobility as a bit of a startup itself, it has the unique advantage of existing resources. Instead of building the infrastructure from the ground up, the eMobility team can leverage ConMet’s manufacturing capabilities, supply chain, buildings, and even its existing brand equity.

World-class Team

A leadership team that cares

A team of leaders that inspires others to learn more, to do more, to become more.

Join Us

We offer a rewarding career filled with innovation, growth, and endless opportunities. Join our dynamic team, and together we’ll drive the commercial vehicle industry forward.

Grow with Us

We maintain a sustainable talent management system to support our customer and business needs while ensuring that our employees have the opportunity to grow and thrive within the company, thus fostering a more positive and rewarding work environment.

Mentorship Opportunities

ConMet fosters both formal and informal mentoring experiences, allowing our employees to benefit from professional and functional coaching provided by peers and subject matter experts. This support plays a crucial role in nurturing their growth and development within our organization.

Individual Development Plans

At ConMet, our employees are the drivers of their own careers. In collaboration with management and human resources, a personalized and robust development plan is crafted for each employee that aligns with their unique needs and chosen career path.

Experiential Learning

We embrace a hands-on learning approach that allows employees to gain practical skills and knowledge in real-world situations, not only advancing their development but giving them a chance to drive meaningful impact within the business.

Career Conversations

Through our “Talking Talent/Talking Development” program, employees are given the opportunity to showcase their skills in a presentation to their leadership team to chart their career path and begin discussions on their individual development plan.

Leadership Programs

ConMet’s various leadership initiatives offer select employees immersive cross-functional training and the opportunity to complete tangible action learning projects. Additionally, our robust succession management process identifies and nurtures employees who demonstrate the potential to step into key leadership roles.