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Electrifying Possibilities

Building on a 60-year legacy of innovative design, the Nmotion TR series utilizes ConMet Preset Plus hubs to house in-wheel electric motors.

TRU Power Source

Fully electric TRU operation

Reduce TRU Emissions

Accelerate sustainability goals by reducing CO2, PM2.5, NOx

Maximize Uptime

Minimal infrastructure needed, easy operational integration

Power Generation at the Wheel End

Our in-wheel electric motor systems are first to market in the U.S. Power generation on the road allows for a smaller and light weight battery while providing power to the TRU when it is needed.

Dedicated Technical Experts

We help fleets understand the system, analyze trends, and optimize routes to best fit their sustainability goals and operational needs.

Environmental Benefits

The electrification of TRUs plays a significant role in reducing emissions and noise during operation.

Nmotion TR 160-45
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The eHub™ 80 motor generates 160kW peak power per axle, which maintains battery charge between deliveries.

The energy management unit (EMU) includes the high-voltage and low-voltage batteries, battery thermal management, power converter, charger, and the vehicle control unit. The high-voltage battery helps ensure safe and reliable operation and performance over the trailer’s life.

The EMU charging port utilizes a 480V three-phase power supply that is compatible with standard shore plugs. The EMU is capable of simultaneously charging the battery and powering the TRU. The single charging port minimizes infrastructure needs while eliminating the need for a direct current (DC) charger.

The sophisticated design of the Nmotion TR 160-45 can be used for a variety of fleet use cases.

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