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Leaders in Heavy Duty Wheel End Technology

Prior to 1995 most of the wheel ends used in trucks and tractor-trailers were made out of iron. That all changed when we introduced our lighter and easier-to-install aluminum PreSet technology, which quickly made aluminum the OEM standard. Today, 75% of the wheel ends for the heavy duty market are made with aluminum – all of which are designed and developed at the wheel end engineering division of ConMet’s headquarters in Vancouver, Washington.

Unmatched industry knowledge

In our offices, 36 engineers with over 438 years of combined experience have helped make ConMet the leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of wheel end technology. Each team member plays an important role:

Applications Engineers

  • Work with customers and sales teams to identify product needs
  • Come up with design ideas for new projects
  • Manage projects through their lifecycle using Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) 

Design Engineers

  • Turn design ideas into real products
  • Solve project challenges using basic engineering principles, advanced design software like CAD, and analysis tools
  • Work with applications and test engineers to create a Design Validation Plan (DVP)

Test Engineers

  • Test commercial vehicles in real-world conditions and duty cycles, and collect data
  • Use the data to help create a product development plan, perform validation tests, and provide feedback through technical reports – which are all based on real-world vehicle lifecycles and customers’ needs
  • Design and implement all of ConMet’s own test equipment

Preadjusted Wheel Ends

By working together, our engineers have helped us continuously improve our products and develop one of our greatest innovations, our PreSet technology. By integrating all components of the wheel end beside the spindle nut, it changed the industry and made hub installation easier than ever before.

Our engineers also developed PreSet Plus, which provides an even simpler installation by integrating the spindle nut. That means with either of our hubs, technicians will never have to worry about time-consuming tasks like installing seals or adjusting bearings ever again. Not to mention, all of our wheel-end components are carefully inspected and installed at ConMet facilities using an assembly process that guarantees safety, reliability, and time-savings. 

Designing the parts of tomorrow

At our headquarters in Vancouver, we also design and manufacture brake drums, brake rotors, and wheel seals. But we’re only getting started. We’re always looking to develop new products that make wheel ends simpler and more effective – while also providing the most reliable, lightweight, and cost-effective solutions possible.

To learn more about ConMet’s innovative wheel end division, email [email protected].