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The ConMet PreSet Plus SmartHub is the first connected health monitoring system
integrated into a hub assembly that generates actionable intelligence on wheel end health.

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Maximize Uptime, Improve Safety, and Modernize Maintenance

The SmartHub assembly helps fleet managers make more informed maintenance decisions. It provides performance data, easily viewed and analyzed through ConMet’s dashboard or a fleet’s existing telematics provider. This data gives fleets visibility into the condition of the wheel-end ecosystem and gives them a chance to act before roadside repairs, thermal events, and wheel-offs happen. Taking early action with SmartHub health insights can improve the safety of vehicles on the road and increase valuable fleet uptime.

Actionable Data & Seamless Integration

SmartHub assembly data and alerts can be easily viewed and analyzed through ConMet’s data portal. Or, streamline consumption of SmartHub alerts and insights by integrating into any existing telematics dashboard by utilizing the SmartHub API (Application Programming Interface) suite.

A New Digital Platform

The SmartHub vehicle area network (VAN) will be a building block for future digital fleet management products that will function on the same wireless communications network and cloud-based back-end.