About - ConMet


ConMet is a leading global manufacturer of wheel hubs, structural plastic, and aluminum casting components for the commercial vehicle industry. With patented innovations, such as our PreSet®, PreSet Plus®, and TruTurn® product lines, ConMet is the undisputed leader in the development of lightweight, high-performance products for the heavy-duty truck and trailer industry.

Our design innovations and superior manufacturing technology have made us the first choice in the commercial vehicle industry since 1964. We are headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, U.S.A., with 13 manufacturing facilities located throughout the United States, China, and Mexico.

The cutting-edge design technologies we use, such as Finite Element Analysis and Solidification Modeling, provide ConMet customers with the most advanced processes available today. While ConMet is an ISO 9001, ISO 9002, and TS 16949 Certified Manufacturer, we are also recognized as a quality supplier, having earned more than thirty awards and recognitions for excellence.



For more than 50 Years

ConMet has established itself as the leader in the commercial vehicle industry using advanced technology and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to create quality products and services.

It all began in 1964 when Consolidated Metco built its first aluminum foundry in Portland, Oregon. It was established to provide lightweight structural parts that were greatly needed in the heavy-duty truck market. Today, ConMet continues to advance the market by forging strategic partnerships and developing innovative product solutions.


Who We Are Now

1964, ConMet begins as a part of Portland Freightliner, a subsidiary of Consolidated Freightways, and builds its first aluminum foundry.

1974, ConMet enters plastics manufacturing with the addition of the Cashiers Plant.

1987, ConMet goes private, becoming an independent company.

1989, Varlen Corporation of Naperville, Illinois, purchased ConMet. Product offerings have since been introduced to the European truck and trailer manufacturers.

1995, ConMet introduces a PreSet® Wheel End to help eliminate premature wheel end failure on trucks and trailers.

1999, Amsted Industries acquires Varlen Corporation. With Varlen’s purchase, Amsted Industries becomes the leader in three niche end markets through its two business segments. It makes components for railroad freight cars and locomotives, heavy-duty trucks and trailers, and automotive and light trucks.

2011, ConMet opens China Nanjing PreSet® Assembly Plant, announcing ConMet’s entrance into the Chinese market with the launch of PreSet® wheel hubs in China.

2011, ConMet builds on its success of developing industry-leading hub assemblies when it introduced PreSet Plus®, The only fully integrated hub system to feature PreSet® technology.

2012, ConMet introduces Wheel Seals to the industry.

2014, ConMet introduces Wheel Bearings to the industry.

2015, ConMet reaches $1 billion in sales.

2017, ConMet introduces PreSet Plus® Electric Hub,  an electric in-wheel drive system developed in partnership with Protean Electric to provide hybrid-electric solutions for medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicle markets.

2017, ConMet introduces PreSet Plus® SmartHub, an intelligent in-wheel diagnostic system that will allow drivers and fleet managers to monitor the health of the wheel end through access to real-time data on important hub functions.


Awards & Certificates

We are known throughout the truck and trailer industry for our award winning products and manufacturing quality in developing lightweight,low maintenance solutions to enhance vehicle performance, improve fuel efficiency, and increase payload capacity.


ConMet has strategic locations throughout North America and China to provide customers with quality solutions and local support.