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ConMet Europe

Lightweight solutions for the commercial vehicle industry

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Innovating Since 1964

ConMet, a division of Amsted Industries, is a leading global manufacturer of wheel end systems, chassis components, structural plastics, telematics, and alternative energy solutions. Since 1964, ConMet has been a leader in lightweight transformative technologies for the commercial vehicle industry. Our expansion into Europe in 2021 has brought a full offering of best-in-class wheel ends and lightweight aluminum chassis components to the market.

A Legacy of Lightweighting

  • With innovative aluminum wheel ends and chassis components, ConMet customers achieve weight savings of up to 100kg on wheel ends and 200kg on chassis components when replacing ferrous solutions.
  • Light weight translates to less fuel consumption and increased load capacity, resulting in lower costs, higher revenue, and less environmental impact.

Solutions Provider

ConMet has been a leader in the commercial vehicle industry for decades. Our solutions are engineered, thoroughly tested, validated, and manufactured to the highest quality, always striving to be ahead of our customers’ needs and developing revolutionary products and services to keep the industry moving forward.


Wheel End Systems

Advanced wheel end technology with lightweight design and premium components.

Chassis Components

Aluminum castings for a wide range of commercial vehicle applications.

Transformative Technology

Connectivity & IoT, electrification, core products & advanced materials.

Wheel End Systems

ConMet Europe offers a variety of iron, weight-optimized iron, and aluminum wheel end solutions for trucks and trailers.

Aluminum Unitized Drive Wheel End

Aluminum Steer Wheel End

Conventional Drive Wheel End

Unitized Steer Wheel End

PreSet Plus Drive Wheel End

Lightweight Chassis Components and Housings

ConMet Europe offers lightweight aluminum chassis components and housing solutions designed to meet a wide range of applications.

Engine Crossmember

FRS Crossmember

AirGlide Rear Suspension Bracket

FlexAir Beam Rear Suspension

Carrier Housing

Rear Suspension Bracket


75% of ConMet’s energy and resource usage occurs at our manufacturing facilities. The following solutions have been implemented to reduce our carbon footprint significantly.


  • Utilization of more efficient power sources, including natural gas and solar
  • Replaced open well furnaces with more efficient dry hearth furnaces


  • On-site water treatment allows for water to be recycled and kept in-process as long as possible


  • Reduced raw material consumption due to new furnaces and more efficient recycling
  • Implemented in-house, state-of-the-art chip recovery process
  • Entered dust recovery/recycling agreement with a third party to divert aluminum dust from landfill

European Products and Services Literature

For more information, please contact the ConMet Europe Team at:

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