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Cultivating a “Service to Others” Mindset at ConMet

Cultivating a “Service to Others” Mindset at ConMet

November 21, 2022 | ConMet

An article by John Waters | Nov. 29, 2022 – At ConMet, everything we do is guided by our core values. Two of those core values – Integrity and Respect for People – have driven us to look beyond our business practices toward a “Service to Others” mindset. We encourage and help facilitate community service initiatives for our employees with a goal of bettering our people, our company, and our communities.

Our Community Services Committee was first established at our corporate site in 2019 to coordinate local volunteering and other service opportunities for employees. Since then, all our plants have also created local organized groups to serve and support the communities we’re in. The committee works to find projects that resonate among our people and encourage action. Many of our initiatives have focused on animal rescue, bettering the environment, youth programs, and helping others with economic needs.

In addition to uplifting our communities, we believe our commitment to community service also greatly benefits those who participate. From a professional perspective, volunteer opportunities can act as team-building exercise or allow employees to interact with members outside their usual work circle. On an individual level, service to others can instill a person with a sense of purpose and positively affect their mental health.

Some of our recent projects have included:

To maximize our impact, we ask each employee to commit one or two days of work hours per year to service, 8-16 hours. Employees working remotely are encouraged to participate in #Remote16 (remote worker/16 volunteer hours), an initiative to spread awareness of community service not directly sponsored by a ConMet facility. The hashtag #Remote16 allows employees to share their volunteer activities on company social networks.

The community service program is entirely voluntary, but we have found that our company is full of motivated, caring people who are happy to donate their time and effort. Because our employees’ commitment has exceeded our expectations, this year, I will present the first-ever “Spirit of ConMet Community Service” award, recognizing one outstanding employee volunteer who embodies the “Service to Others” mindset.

We are proud of the impact we’ve made in our communities and among ourselves. We hope to be a source of inspiration to other individuals and corporations to join us in serving others.