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ConMet Exhibits at IAA Hannover for the First Time

ConMet Exhibits at IAA Hannover for the First Time

September 19, 2018 | ConMet

HANNOVER, GERMANY | September 19, 2018 – ConMet will be exhibiting at the 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hannover, Germany from September 20-27th. This is the first time that ConMet will have a presences at IAA, the leading trade show of the global commercial vehicle industry. ConMet will be in Hall 26, stand C-56 showcasing several products including its proven proprietary PreSet® and PreSet Plus® hub assemblies and rotors, a new flat rotor snap-in ABS ring, and two innovative products in development: the PreSet Plus® Electric Hub (eHub™) and PreSet® Plus SmartHub™.

“ConMet has had a presence in North America for more than 50 years and has helped drive the evolution of wheel hubs with the introduction of PreSet technology in 1995, which has since gone standard at North American original equipment manufacturers,” stated John Waters, Senior Vice President of Global Sales & Operations. “ConMet is excited to be exhibiting at IAA with our advanced wheel hubs and assemblies, ranging from conventional to PreSet Plus, as well as future innovative products.”

At the show, the following core products will be featured:

PreSet® and PreSet Plus Hub Assemblies

Advanced wheel hub assemblies that are completely assembled, pre-adjusted, and ready to install, and include standard features like a fully integrated spindle nut design, an optimized wheel spacer, a magnetic fill plug, and premium ConMet seal and bearings. Demonstrated technology with more than 18 million installed, simple maintenance, and maximum durability.

PreSet Plus Hub Rotor Assemblies

The new standard for air disc brakes in the North American market, PreSet Plus hub and rotor assemblies combine cutting-edge PreSet Plus technology with high-performance air disc brakes, setting the benchmark for wheel hub system performance, reliability, and longevity. 

PreSet Plus Snap-In ABS Tone Ring

A recently added feature for hub and flat rotor assemblies, a new snap-in ABS ring is engineered for durability, performance, and ease of installation. No fasteners or torque tools are required for removal or installation, allowing fleets to minimize maintenance and maximize uptime.

The 2018 IAA will be centered around the “New Mobility World Forum”, which will explore topics that take us into the future of commercial vehicles. ConMet is committed to, and on the forefront of, developing innovative solutions that advance the industry, including:

PreSet Plus SmartHub

An innovation in diagnostic wheel end telematics that will give drivers and fleet managers the ability to monitor hub conditions and better coordinate fleet uptime. 

PreSet Plus Electric Hub

A solution to commercial vehicle electrification using an in-wheel motor that is easy to install and increases fuel efficiency by harnessing the power of regenerative breaking. The innovative design allows PreSet Plus Electric Hubs to be seamlessly integrated into any existing vehicle architecture.

About ConMet

ConMet, a division of Amsted Industries, is a leading global supplier of components to the commercial vehicle market. ConMet products are standard equipment on every major commercial vehicle manufactured in North America and are growing in popularity worldwide. Amsted, a 100 percent employee-owned company, is one of the world’s largest transportation component manufacturers.

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