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ConMet Adds TruTurn Lite™ to Brake Drum Lineup

March 15, 2016, Vancouver, Washington – Continuing with its tradition of driving innovation in the commercial vehicle industry, ConMet (Consolidated Metco) has added a new lightweight version of its popular TruTurn® brake drum. View additional information about ConMet brake drums.

Called TruTurn Lite™, the new brake drum is designed and manufactured to be as much as 10% lighter than standard drums without sacrificing strength and performance.

“All of the attributes that have made TruTurn one of the best brake drums on the market are built into TruTurn Lite,” explains Beto Dantas, ConMet’s VP of Marketing, Strategy, and Innovation. “And, just like TruTurn, These new drums are constructed using our own “turned-to-balance” process, which makes them run smoother, cooler and longer.”

In addition to the weight savings, TruTurn Lite brake drums offer a variety of benefits outlined below.

Its “Turned-to-Balance” machining process improves drum strength by eliminating the need for weld-on weights and balance cuts. Not only does this process make our drums stronger, but it creates other advantages such as uniform thermal expansion for reduced brake pulsing, and improved heat transfer, so the drum and its linings stay cool. Braking force is more evenly distributed, and occurrences of vibration and “judder” are minimized. With each stop, TruTurn brake drums maintain lower temperatures, improving both durability and brake performance.

Traditional cast brake drums are only machined on the inside, which can cause inconsistencies in the walls of the drum and lead to drum cracking from ‘hot spots’ and uneven heat distribution. TruTurn Lite brake drums are machined inside and out, so 95% of their surface area is precisely shaped to ensure dimensional consistency. This makes for more uniform thermal expansion, which means our drums and their linings stay cooler during crucial stops. Cooler drums last longer, improve performance and save money on maintenance over the long haul.

Utilizing the latest engineering and manufacturing techniques, TruTurn Lite brake drums exceed customer expectations for performance and quality – all while providing as much as 10% in weight reduction.

The new brake drum will be available beginning May 1.

ConMet, a division of Amsted Industries, is a leading global supplier of components to the commercial vehicle market. ConMet products are standard equipment on every major commercial vehicle manufactured in North America and are growing in popularity worldwide. Amsted, a 100 percent employee-owned company, is one of the world’s largest transportation component manufacturers.

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