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Wheel Seals

ConMet is known throughout the transportation industry for innovating superior wheel-end solutions. We’ve developed technologies to withstand harsh road conditions, poor weather and frequent braking, and we know the vital role wheel seals play in the overall protection of the hub. If a seal fails, you can be sure that vehicle downtime and expensive repairs are not far behind. Damage to the seal during installation is the most frequent cause of premature seal failure. In order to avoid installation damage and ensure your hubs operate at optimal levels, you need the best seals on the market.


Superior Contaminant Protection

The road can be a dirty place and contaminants like water, dirt and grime are a wheel-end’s worst enemy. Our seals are your first line of defense. With their multi-zone labyrinth design and low-friction barrier, contaminants can’t get past, providing superior durability and protection against the elements.

Our specially designed multi-zone labyrinth creates superior protection and low friction, and the wide inside diameter with rubber ribs ensures proper sealing capability. Our seals keep harmful contaminants out and protective lubricants in, where they can work safely and smoothly.

No Special Tools Required

Our wheel seals use thicker gauge steel than other seals to help stand up to the pressures applied during installation. Our specially designed low-friction bumper also reduces run-in period and operating torque. Plus, our seals are designed so you can use any seal tool to install them.


Exceptional Wear Resistance

Not only do our seals protect against contaminants, but they are also designed to better handle the punishment of the road. Multiple outside-diameter seal points provide a secure fit in the hub and thicker gauge steel protects against internal damage during installation. The high temperature HNBR rubber provides exceptional fluid-resistance. The result is a seal that is perfectly crafted for maximum wear resistance.